Between about 20 and 35% of future…

Between about 20 and 35% of future business travel may never return, post Covid
2020-12-12 10:28:00
A study by some travel experts looked into the various sorts of business travel, how much of the total they make up, and how likely they are to decline, with the change in behaviour after Covid. They see various categories:  1. Internal corporate purposes, the most likely to decline. They make up around 20% of business air travel, and might fall by 40 – 60%.  2.  Commuting by air, about 5% of business travel; might fall by 40 – 60%.   3. Travel for external purposes will fall a bit.  4. Travel aimed at sales and securing clients, makes up 25% of total business travel is probably the most resilient, but might fall by 20%.  5. Travel to conventions and trade shows, comprise around 20% of all corporate travel, and could decline by 10 – 20%.  The finding that as much as perhaps 35% of future business travel demand may disappear holds huge implications for legacy airlines, which depend on the segment for a large chunk of their revenues.  Low cost airlines will be less affected. The longer the pandemic stretches on, the more firmly ingrained new work habits and technologies will become. .Tweet   Up To 36% Of Business Travel May Never Return By Ben Goldstein (Aviation Week) December 8th, 2020 A new study by a group of travel experts set out to determine what percentage of business travel may be permanently lost in the post-COVID-19 era The results weren’t pretty. Produced by the IdeaWorks consultancy, the study took a novel approach by dividing business travel into seven categories, and then drawing on a variety of data sources to estimate each share’s percentage of the whole in a given year. Next, they turned to the question of how each category would be affected by the embrace of technology as a substitute for travel. For each subset of corporate travel, the study’s authors assigned a high and low estim


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