Bizarre scene as bus left abandoned in…

Bizarre scene as bus left abandoned in middle of footpath
2019-08-10 10:14:00
An East Yorkshire bus appears to have been randomly abandoned on a pathway in Hedon. A bizarre image taken by the people who run the Hedon Twos & Blues Facebook page surfaced online yesterday showing a bus in the middle of Thorn Road in Hedon. The post, which was uploaded at 8.57pm, says: “Looks like some joyriders have stolen a bus on Thorn Road.” It is not known how the bus ended up in such a precarious position but the posting of the image on Facebook prompted dozens of comments and hundreds of shares. One said: “New bus lane in Hedon?” Whereas another commented: “I didn’t know there was a bus stop there? Learn something every day.” Hull Live understands the bus has now been removed from the path. We’ve created a Facebook group for people wh


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