Bus company explains driver’s mistake that left…

Bus company explains driver’s mistake that left vehicle abandoned in bizarre position
2019-08-13 14:12:00
A company has revealed how one of its East Yorkshire buses ended up off course over a pathway in Hedon before being towed away. A picture posted on the Hedon Twos & Blues Facebook page appeared on Friday night of a bus in the middle of a path near Thorn Road. The post, which was uploaded at 8.57pm on August 9, said: “Looks like some joyriders have stolen a bus on Thorn Road.” The bus’ precarious position sparked scores of comments on the Facebook page, with many people bemused as to how the vehicle ended up in such a position. However, despite rumours the bus was hijacked by joyriders, Bob Rackley, who is the commercial manager for East Yorkshire, has now revealed it actually crashed as a result of a three-point turn which went wrong. Mr Rackley said: “The bus was being driven by a new driver. She got lost in Inmans Estate and attempted to do a three-point turn. Unfortunately, the road was too narrow & the bus r


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