Car tax plans that could force families…

Car tax plans that could force families to see each other less
2020-11-22 12:57:00
New car tax plans unveiled by the Government could charge drivers for every mile they drive, rather than the current flat rate which could both force people to visit their families less. An expert has warned the new plans could also put many out of a job, the Express has reported. According to multiple reports, Chancellor Rishi Sunak is believed to be fronting the proposal in order to fill a government budget hole. Arguably, the plans could cut congestion at peak times as it would force people to drive less. To get the Hull Live headlines every day, simply pop your email address into the sign-up box just beneath the picture at the top of this article. The plans, which could affect people visiting their families, are to help fill a Government budget hole. Although, one expert has said the plans will hit the poorest the hardest and it will see lengthy trips of 400-miles costing over £500 for drivers. Those who wish to travel a distance to visit families will be badly affected by the move whilst businesses who need staff to travel long distances for work could be put in jeopardy. Richard Alvin, director of Capital Business Media, which includes electric car firm EV Powered, says those who spend a lot of time on the road would be most affected. He said the new charge would see drivers paying ”substantially more” to use their cars. Mr Alvin told the Express: “Whilst there is every sympathy for the Chancellor, these proposed changes will see families seeing their extended families less and putting tradesmen out of work as companies simply won’t be able to afford to use their vehicles.” He added: “In all honesty, I think it’s the small businesses, self-employed drivers or salespeople who spend a lot of time on the road, and the poorest motorists, who will be affected the most. “It is unclear what the per-mile charge will be, but early suggestions are that it could be around the same as fuel duty for similar mileage, meaning a 75 pence per mile charge could result in a family visit to Yorkshire from London – a round trip of 400 miles – costing £533. “[This] is substantially more than the equivalent cost of filling up with petrol for the same journey. “There are rumours circulating that things such as charges to employers who offer free parking for their employees will be introduced, and more charging zones across the UK. “I think the biggest impact all of these will have is that unnecessary travel will decrease. “I expect people will find it more difficult to cope with the costs of running a car, whether that be electric or petrol.” Plans to ban people using petrol and diesel in cars from 2030 could see the Government lose £40 billion, as they promote the use of electric cars. Despite the move being done to aid global warming, fuel duty and Vehicle Excise Duty car tax will plummet, costing the Government greatly. The new plans, which are said to be in developmental stages, would see cars installed with 'telematics devices' which would track mileage and calculate the overall fee. Mr Alvin said he expects there to be a change in the way car tax is calculated – but warned it would not be a “positive” update for the motorist. He said: “Fuel duty is charged at 57.95p a litre on petrol and diesel vehicles and is on course to raise £27.5 billion this financial year, equivalent to 1.3 per cent of national income, according to latest forecasts. Video Loading Video Unavailable Click to play Tap to play The video will aut

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