Cyclist captures confrontation with ‘arrogant and threatening’…

Cyclist captures confrontation with ‘arrogant and threatening’ driver
2019-05-18 08:49:00
This is the moment a driver rushed past a cyclist before stopping to confront him. The video, shown above, was posted onto the Driving in Hull: Improving our standards together Facebook page . Dean, the man behind the Facebook page, posted the video. He quoted what the member had said when they sent the clip in. “This is a cycle safe road on the NCN outside Hull, such a rush to get past but had time to stop for a chat and accuse me of a rude gesture,” they said. “I wish I had done so now. This guy will kill someone next time. I was about to pull over as I couldn’t see a close passing point before he barged through.” Watch the clip above and leave your comments about it below. Dean then shared his own thoughts in the comments. He wrote: “Struggling to see any reason to drive over the verge to pass the cycle at all. Arrogant driving…” The clip has been shared on Facebook (Image: Driving in Hull: Improving our standards together) Another man said: “I know and ride this road lots and also had a run in with this guy, appears to have some sort of issue with other people being on this road as he nearly put me in a field then a car that was ahe


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