Cyclist pulling a wheelie into oncoming traffic…

Cyclist pulling a wheelie into oncoming traffic looks a complete ‘plank’
2019-07-04 12:36:00
This video shows the moment a cyclist branded a “fool” cycles towards traffic doing a wheelie. The video, shown above, was posted onto the Driving In Hull: Improving Our Standards together Facebook page. Dean, the man behind the Facebook page, posted the video. He quoted what the member had said when they sent the clip in. “Fool on a push bike,” they said. “Not only heading towards traffic but feels one wheel on the ground is enough.” Dean said, although he cannot be certain, the clip looks like it was filmed along Boothferry Road, towards The Fiveways pub. Watch the clip above and leave your comments about it below. The clip was shared on Facebook (Image: Driving in Hull: Improving our s


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