Driver caught ‘well over’ Humber Bridge speed…

Driver caught ‘well over’ Humber Bridge speed limit
2019-07-12 13:35:00
A motorist has been shamed by traffic officers for travelling 72mph across the Humber Bridge. The driver was caught by Humberside Police officers speeding down the 2,220m stretch of the bridge – which currently has a 30mph northbound speed limit. The speed was registered by a driver on Wednesday afternoon as speed enforcements were being carried out on the bridge, reports Grimsby Live. Humberside Roads Police posted a picture of the speedometer on Twitter and then posted: “Patrols out conducting speed enforcement on the Humber Bridge this morning. “Numerous vehicles found to be travelling well over the 30mph speed limit. All of these drivers will be dealt with in due course. 72mph being the highest speed of the day.” The driver was more than double the limit (Image: Humberside Roads Police) One motorist praised the police for their work in keeping the bridge safe, saying: “Great work, keep it up. Maniacs driving on Humber Bridge is a constant. Do this daily until it stops.” Others have also called for average speed cameras on the bridge. Another person asked if the police were “hidden behind the trees again”, to which police replied they were in “two marked BMW 330d in full view of the carriageway.” WATCH: Humber Bridge speed limits Video Loading Video Unavailable Click to play Tap to play The speed limit northbound is currently reduced to


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