Driver leaves handbrake off in worst parking…

Driver leaves handbrake off in worst parking in Hull so far this month
2019-07-10 13:12:00
These could well be some of the worst pictures of “poor parkers” in the region posted online so far this month. All of the images in the video above have been shared on the “Parking in Hull : Can you improve?” Facebook page this month. The Facebook page has been set up by the man behind the popular Driving in Hull: Improving our standards together page which regularly shares dashcam footage of “bad driving”. The Poor Parking: Hull Facebook page encourages people to send snaps in of poor parking they have spotted in Hull. Watch the video above to see examples of “poor parking” in Hull shared online. This driver is said to have left the handbrake off (Image: Parking in Hull : Can you improve) Among those featured, one driver is said to have left their handbrake off, the r


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