Driver’s angry message to ‘stupid’ dad with…

Driver’s angry message to ‘stupid’ dad with baby on board sticker who jumps red light and blocks junction
2019-05-16 09:35:00
A man who outs bad driving on Facebook has shared this video highlighting the “law-breaking and stupidity” of a motorist with a “baby on board” sticker. The video, shown above, was posted onto the Driving in Hull: Improving Our Standards Together Facebook page. Dean, the man behind the Facebook page, posted the video, which was one of his. He wrote: “One of my own clips… Hated the fact this man has a ‘baby on board’ sticker. Wants us all to take good care of his daughter BUT it doesn’t seem to include himself! “What’s this obsession with overtaking? We got to the same car park five minutes before proving his law-breaking and stupidity was pointless.” Dean shared one of his own videos. (Image: Driving in Hull: Improving Our Standards Together) Dean had placed captions throughout the video to share his thoughts on the driver’s behaviour. He wrote: “After clinging to my bumper through this 30mph max, I’m glad you’ve now passed. We couldn’t possibly see him again on this busy Sunday afternoon could we? “Boo. Didn’t get too far now did you? I think he’s realised passing cars has no real effect. “Wron


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