Drivers caught on camera recklessly breaking Humber…

Drivers caught on camera recklessly breaking Humber Bridge speed limit
2019-07-21 12:52:00
Roadworks on the Humber Bridge have caused delays for those trying to get to and from the south bank for months already this year as a 30mph speed limit has been enforced. The maintenance on the bridge has been going on since March and will continue until November this year as inspections are carried out on its main suspension cables. Drivers on the bridge may have spotted scaffolding and gantries that allow contractors to inspect the 15,000 wires making up each cable. For the maintenance to be carried out, one lane has been partially closed on the northbound carriageway and a 30mph speed limit has been put in place – although not many seem to be sticking to it. Grimsby Live carried out an investigation into whether people were actually sticking to the speed limit which drops from 70mph to 50mph just past the Barton turn-off before reducing to 30mph on the approach to the entry slip to the Humber Bridge. More vehicles seem to break the 30mph limit on the Humber Bridge than stick to it A dashcam video shows the driver going at 30mph, with seven vehicles overtaking them at speed on the bridge before the two lanes merge into one. Earlier this month, Humber Roads Policing Team recorded a number of vehicles travelling at excess speeds, with one caught doing 72mph – more than double the 30mph limit. One motorist praised the police for their work in keeping the bridge safe and said: “Great work, keep it up. Maniacs driving on Humber Bridge is a constant. Do this daily until it stops.” A driver was caught going more than twice the speed limit over the Humber Bridge (Image: Hull Live) Others have also called for average speed cameras on the bridge. Those who were caught speeding on the crossing by police have had their details passed over to the courts but the thre


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