Even with so few flights, due to…

Even with so few flights, due to Covid, global aviation in 2020 still exceeding its CO2 target for 2050
2020-11-22 16:44:00
In 2019, emissions from the global civil aviation sector were more than 900 million tonnes of CO2. In 2016 the figure was around 814 million tonnes, and around 650 million tonnes in 2005. IATA has a target that the sector’s carbon emissions will be half their level in 2005, by 2050 ie 325 million tonnes.  And that is to happen, while the industry aims for compound annual growth of 3%.  This year, due to Covid, global demand for air travel has been down hugely, with airports like Heathrow having as much as 80% fewer flights than a year ago.  But IATA has admitted that even with that immense reduction in flights, the sector will still have emitted more than 325 million tonnes of CO2.  This highlights the scale of the challenge for the industry, to “square the circle” of trying to keep growing, but emitting less carbon.  This issue is to be discussed at IATA’s virtual AGM on 24 November. The industry body ATAG is anticipating that demand for air travel, and hence carbon emissions, might be 16% lower than pre-Covid forecasts by 2050, as there has been behaviour change and social change, caused by the pandemic.     .Tweet     Crisis CO2 levels highlight scale of airline challenge: IATA sustainability chief By Lewis Harper (Flight Global) 20 November 2020 The huge reduction in carbon emissions from commercial airlines in 2020 paradoxically highlights the scale of the challenge ahead for the industry to meet its sustainability targets, according to IATA’s director of aviation environment, Michael Gill. In a year that has seen connectivity devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, overall CO2 emissions will still be higher than the industry’s target level for 2050, Gill tells FlightGlobal ahead of IATA’s AGM on 24 November. “I don’t want to be unduly negative,” he states. “It’s really to give an idea of the order of magnitude that we’re dealing with. “This year, even in the midst of the worst crisis, with 50% less traffic, we’re not down to 325 million tonnes [of CO2 emitted],” he explains, referring to


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