France proposes much higher air ticket taxes,…

France proposes much higher air ticket taxes, of €30 for
2020-10-07 10:40:00
The French government is considering introducing much more tax on flying.  Air travel pays no fuel duty and also pays no VAT in the EU. Currently the UK has some of the highest flight taxes, of just £13 for a short haul flight, and £80 on long haul (rising to £82 from April 2021). This tax is to compensate for the lack of income to the Treasury for the absence of fuel duty or VAT. Now France is considering (it is not agreed) taxing economy flights of under 2,000km, €30 and €180 for business class.  The tax is only for a departure, not for an arrival.  For flights of over 2,000 km the tax would be €60 for economy class, and €400 for business class.  And €2,400 for private jet flights. Earlier this year, France introduced a tiny “air passenger solidarity tax,” which starts at €1.50 for a short haul economy ticket, and at the most is €18 for a long haul business class ticket. That level of tax is not enough to have any effect on achieving any environmental offset, or deterring flying. The higher levels of tax just might … France’s Ministry of Ecological Transition is having a final meeting about the suggested changes on Saturday, and a bill is expected to be introduced in parliament by the end of October. .Tweet FRANCE PROPOSES RADICAL ENVIRONMENTAL TAX ON FLIGHTS New eco-tax would add €400 to the cost of a one-way business class long-haul flight By Helen Coffey @LenniCoffey The Independent 1st October 2020 France is considering introducing a radical eco-tax on flights, which, if approved, would be one of the biggest environmental taxes on air travel of any country in the world. If it goes ahead, the “reinforced eco-contribution”, which appears similar to the UK’s own Air Passenger Duty (APD), will add a significant amount to the price of air fares. Short-haul (under 2,000km) economy flights would be taxed €30 one-way; medium to long-haul (over 2,000km) economy at €60 one-way; short-haul business class tickets at €180 one-way; and medium to long-haul business class at a whopping €400 one-way. The heftiest tax of all would be applied to private jets, with flights taxed at €2,400 one-way regardless of distance, reports financial newspaper Les Echos. The move could reduce carbon emissions by 3.5 million tonnes a year, according to the country’s Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA). Other proposed measures designed to “limit the harmful effects of air transport” include banning the construction of new airports and the expansion of existing ones, eliminating domestic flights by 2025 where there’s a low-carbon alternative that takes less than four hours, and adding extra taxes onto recreational aviation fuel. France’s Ministry of Ecological Transition is having a final meeting about the suggested changes on Saturday, and a bill is expected to be introduced in parliament by the end of October. It follows the original introduction of an “eco-tax” on flights from France in July 2019, although these rates were set much lower, ranging from €1.50 for short-haul flights and up to €18 for long-haul journeys in business class. Leading figures in French aviation have hit back at the proposals, calling them the “death” of the industry. “If these proposals are followed up, it will be death of several airlines and airports in France, which are already undergoing the most violent shock in their history,” said Thomas Juin, president of the Union of French airports. “We will see massive air connection shutdowns, with serious consequences for tourism and the economy of the [French] territories.” The DGCA estimates the reinforced eco-contribution would cut the number of air travellers by 14-19 per cent and lead to 120,000-150,000 job losses. . France Considers Airline Eco-Tax (Up To ~$470 For One-Way Ticket) SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 BY BEN  (One Mile at a Time) The French government is considering introducing what would be the most aggressive environmental tax we’ve seen on flights anywhere in the world.We’ve seen many governments introduce, or at least consider, environmental taxes on flights. This is intended to help offset emissions, and also in many cases is intended to discourage flying. Well, as Les Echos reports, France is considering taxing airline tickets to an extent we’ve never seen before anywhere in the world. France’s Ministry of Ecological Transition will be having a final meeting about this on


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