French “eco-mayors” trying to reduce environmental impact – one suggests…


French “eco-mayors” trying to reduce environmental impact – one suggests…

French “eco-mayors” trying to reduce environmental impact – one suggests children don’t “dream of flying”
2021-04-06 10:36:00
The Mayor of Poitiers has suggested that, due to the climate crisis, children growing up today should not aspire to many overseas flights.  She has been attacked by the aviation industry, for not helping them, and for other politicians etc for a “depressing” ideology and restricting people’s freedoms. The Mayor, Léonore Moncond’huy, is one of several “eco-mayors” to deter people from traditional pursuits. She has cut subsidies to the town’s two flying clubs, on the grounds that “public money must no longer finance sports based on the consumption of non-renewable resources”.  She said: “We must protect children from some dreams. Sadly, aviation must no longer be part of the dreams of the children of today.”  The mayor of Tours has also tried to ban traffic and is halting Ryanair’s use of the city airport. Many green Mayors have tried to introduce various measures, some less sensible than others … several are trying to reduce car use. The mayor of part of Lyon has opposed hosting part of the Tour de France because of its huge environmental footprint … Tweet   Don’t dream of flying, Greens tell children By Charles Bremner, Paris (The Times) April 06 2021 A demand that children must abandon dreams of flight has landed an environmentalist city mayor in t

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