Furious driver says he ‘could have killed…

Furious driver says he ‘could have killed three teenagers in 24 hours’
2019-07-27 05:00:00
A Hull dashcam driver says he “could have killed” three teenage cyclists in just 24 hours because of their dangerous antics on the roads. Driver Phill Houghton, 28, of east Hull, was so enraged by what he saw, he sent the clips above into Hull Live – and says they “need to be more educated”. The first clip shows one teenager holding onto a bus and then letting go and the second shows two going the “wrong way” around a roundabout. “I could have killed two teenage boys and one girl in just 24 hours,” he said. “I could have had three teenage cyclists’ deaths on my hands and many more. From going the wrong way around a roundabout to holding on to buses and letting go, and going through red lights at busy junctions nearly into my car. Watch the clips above and leave your comments about it below. One of the dashcam clips shows two people going the “wrong way” around a roundabout (Image: Phill Houghton) “We need a better cycle infrastructure and more education, as well as the police enforcing the law on the roads to cyclists and not just hitting car drivers. “The cyclist who went through a Mount Pleasant red light did it right in front of a marked BMW x5 police car and nothing. “If I did that in my car, I would have been handed a fine and maybe criminal charges. They are a danger to themselves and others.” One of the clips shows a person holding onto a bus (Image: Phill Houghton) The man has not reported the incidents to Humberside Police, who say they would urge him to do so. The man told Hull Live although some people may make excuses for teenagers acting this way, it could have been serious. “Some people say it’s kids being kids but it’s dangerous,” he said. “On the roundabout one, to me they were going straight up because there was no indication from them. “I shouted if you are going to use a roundabout, use it properly. He told me to f*** off basically. He said leave me alone, I’m having a bad day.” One of the clips shows a person holding onto a bus (Image:


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