Furious drivers say no one is fixing…

Furious drivers say no one is fixing major Hull road that’s causing traffic ‘nightmare’
2019-05-29 18:00:00
Drivers left infuriated by the sudden closure of a major Hull road have hit out over an apparent lack of engineers working to fix a burst pipe. Holwell Road has been shut since the weekend after a burst pipe sent water spraying across the road near the roundabout where it meets Leads Road. Yorkshire Water cordoned off the affected area and put up a sign saying that “essential work” would have to be carried out with minimal disruption. However, the closure of the road has left drivers facing a “nightmare” on the roads and some have criticised Yorkshire Water for what has been perceived as a lack of work to repair the problem. Yorkshire Water says there are three teams working to fix the problem, and they hope it will be completed by Friday.  They have also said the same teams are required to work on nearby repair jobs, and have apologised for the disruption. Drivers have bemoaned the closure of the southbound carriageway of Holwell Road Nicola Clubley, 41, who uses Holwell Road as part of her morning commute to work from Kingswood, said: “I use Holwell road to go to and from work and it’s been an absolute nightmare. “With Bankside being closed too the roads have been absolutely gridlocked on a morning and if it is still closed on Monday when half term is over it will be chaos. “I’m late for work every day but luckily I have an understanding boss but if that road stays shut the whole city will grind to a halt. “It needs to be made more of a priority and I just think the situation is ridiculous. It’s been absolutely horrific and it frustrates me to not see anyone there working. A burst water pipe has caused a whole heap of problems “Instead of chattering, smoking and being on their phones I suggest they get their fingers out there arses and get it sorted.” Another 26-year-old woman, who works in Leads Road, said: “They closed off the whole road on Sunday and when I went on Tuesday there was no one there working. “Leads Road is bad normally anyway in a morning and you get queues right back to Lambwath Road. They are lucky it’s half term and the kids are off but if it’s still closed next Monday when the kids go back to school it will be horrendous. “It’s bad because a lot of people use that road and it’s a nightmare, especially with all the lorries that come down here and they are just lucky that the kids are off.” Yorkshire Water have propped up this sign near where the work is taking place Other angry drivers have posted in the Hull Traffic & Travel Facebook group to bemoan the alleged lack of work taking place. One man claimed workers downed tools at 3.30pm on Sunday with no Yorkshire Water staff seen on Monday in Holwell Road. He said: “No sight of anyone on Monday. Can’t wait to see traffic queues


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