GACC asks Gatwick to build back better…

GACC asks Gatwick to build back better – less noise, no night flights
2020-06-16 09:45:00
Flights using Gatwick will slowly restart from 15th June, so noise, air pollution and CO2 emissions are set to increase again. Local campaigners, GACC (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign) are asking Gatwick to embed noise and other environmental improvements into their recovery plans. During Covid lockdown, Gatwick was only open for a period each afternoon and evening with no night flights. People normally adversely affected by plane noise have benefited hugely from the welcome break from plane intrusion.  GACC wants a continuing ban on night flights, especially as air traffic will not return to pre-Covid levels for an unknown time. The Covid pandemic is a unique opportunity for the airport to re-establish a pattern of working that is less environmentally damaging, in terms of noise and carbon. GACC is asking that as well as a night ban, airlines should prioritise flying their least noisy aircraft in their fleets – and provide incentives that encourage airlines permanently to retire older, noisier and more polluting aircraft.  Also to use air traffic control to disperse noise, minimise arrival noise impact, and achieve higher, quicker, departures. .Tweet   GACC ASKS GATWICK AIRPORT TO BUILD BACK BETTER 15.6.2020 (GACC – Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign) Flights using Gatwick are expected to increase from 15 June when the airport’s opening hours increase and some airlines recommence operations. Noise, air pollution and carbon dioxide emission levels are set to increase again. GACC asks Gatwick to embed noise and other environmental improvements into the airport’s recovery plans. Airport requested to stay closed at night, encourage quieter aircraft and optimise arriva


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