Girl ‘flies up in the air like…

Girl ‘flies up in the air like a ragdoll’ after car ploughs into her in Bransholme
2019-07-31 04:00:00
A schoolgirl was flung into the air after being hit by a car on a precarious stretch of road in Bransholme. Sheena Revell, 37, was left horrified after picking up the phone to hear that a car had ploughed into her daughter Lucy, 11, in Pennine Way. The mum-of-four, who lives in Kinderscout Close near to where the crash happened, said: “I got a knock at the door to say that Lucy had been hit by a car and I was like ‘pardon’? “I went running out of the house towards her and people had said she had been hit and that she went flying up in the air like a ragdoll. She came back down before managing to crawl herself to the side of the road and up onto the grass.” Lucy was hit by a car in Pennine Way, north Bransholme (Image: Submitted) When the crash happened on February 12, 2019, Lucy had been walking on her own back to her home from a youth club. Her mum sprinted towards her fearing that her daughter was going to be in a bad way but was relieved to see Lucy talking when she arrived at the scene of the accident. “When I got to her she was talking and the car that had hit her stayed with her and nothing happened to the driver because it wasn’t his fault,” Mrs Revell said. “He thought she’d seen him and obviously she didn’t and stepped out and he has just hit her. “Everything was going through my mind at the time and I just didn’t know what to expect when I got there. I expected the worst and my heart just sank when somebody told me what had happened. Lucy escaped with just a series of nasty grazes to her face “Luckily there were no broken bones and it was all grazes.” Lucy had to be placed on a spinal board and was taken to hospital where she underwent a CT scan. Fortunately, that came back all clear and she has since “bounced back” to full fitness. Read More Bransholme News “She was very lucky,” Mrs Revell said. “You get people doing 50mph to 60mph down that road and if she had stepped out then it doesn’t bear imagining what would have happened.” Lucy’s accident prompted one resident to start a petition for traffic calming measures down Pennine Way in no


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