Global air passenger traffic to drop by…

Global air passenger traffic to drop by 60% to 1.8 billion in 2020, compared to 4.5 billion in 2019
2020-12-27 12:32:00
Global air passenger traffic is expected to be down by 60% in 2020, compared to 2019, at 1.8bn passengers – about the level in 2004.  Before the coronavirus outbreak hit the globe, the airline industry grew at a steady pace across all countries. IATA global data showed the number of scheduled airline passengers increasing for the last 15 years, from 1.9bn in 2004 to 4.5bn in 2019. The increase was both due to low cost airlines, and more affluent middle class people in the Asia Pacific region. It is possible, though nobody can predict what will happen with the Covid pandemic, that the number of air passengers might rise to around  2.8bn in 2021, which is still 40% less than pre-COVID 19 estimates for the year.  While the number of passengers was down around 60%, the number of  flights was down about 43.5% – because planes were emptier. The number of air travellers in the UK was down around 73% this year, and Germany bout 76 % down.  Before Covid, the COVID-19, worldwide commercial airlines’ passenger revenues grew each year and jumped from $323bn in 2005 to $612bn in 2019.  But IATA expect their revenues to be down for 2020 by 67% to $191 billion. The figure in 2021 might, if Covid is controlled, be half the number in 2019. .Tweet     Global Air Passenger Traffic to Drop by 60% to 1.8 billion in 2020 av Jastra Kranjec ( ) 23 December, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the airline industry, as countries worldwide shut down borders and limited travel to control the spread of the virus. Massive cancellations of flights since the beginning of 2020 caused staggering losses to the world’s largest airline companies and huge drops in airline passenger traffic. According to data presented by Ak


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