Grant Shapps plan for ‘air bridges’ for…

Grant Shapps plan for ‘air bridges’ for holidaymakers to fly on holiday hit by Cabinet backlash
2020-05-20 22:33:00
Only two days earlier, Grant Shapps came up with the suggestion that flights might be resumed, without a requirement for quarantine, between the UK and some countries with low rates of Covid-19 spread – called “air bridges.” But now there has been a Cabinet backlash against this (rather bonkers) idea.  The travel industry is desperate to get people flying again, on holiday, and are lobbying Shapps hard, to be allowed to resume as fast as possible.  Now Number 10, the Foreign Office and Home Office are said to have branded the idea “unworkable” and it was not authorised. A government source said: “It was just Grant freelancing …he’s got the airlines on his back … ” And “Grant Shapps is trying to protect what he can of the tourist and airline industry because he doesn’t want them to fail on his watch.”  Although the 14 days quarantine for any passenger entering the UK has not yet been finally agreed, it is thought it will be reviewed every 3 weeks. The concept of anything like an “air bridge” is a long way off. There are concerns about the economic hit for countries that have become dependent on UK tourists.  .Tweet Grant Shapps left isolated as ‘air bridges’ plan for holidaymakers faces Cabinet backlash A Cabinet backlash appears to have dealt a blow to plans for ‘air bridges’ with holiday hotspots that have low Coronavirus rates By Charles Hymas, HOME AFFAIRS EDITOR (Telegraph) 20 May 2020 Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has been left isolated over his air bridge plan as Number 10, the Foreign Office and Home Office are said to have branded it “unworkable.” His announcement on Monday of “air bridges” for countries with low coronavirus rates to bypass the proposed 14-day quarantine was not authorised, according to one Government source. “It was just Grant freelancing,” the source said. “He has been against th


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