Heathrow expansion decision highlights jobs paradox –…

Heathrow expansion decision highlights jobs paradox – PCS union comment
2020-12-18 08:02:00
The PCS union, which has workers at Heathrow, has commented on the Supreme Court decision, and on the future of airport workers. They say that contrary to the assumption from some quarters that this means a jobs bonanza for workers, PCS remains sceptical about the real benefit for our members.  As a union committed to protecting and supporting their workers, they have had to fight against jobs being reduced – even before Covid – by automation of roles, and new grading structures. Now this has been happening even faster, as cost cutting steps are taken in response to the pandemic. PCS is trying to save as many jobs as possible. But with the need for the UK, and the aviation sector, to decarbonise, some job losses are inevitable. There need to be plans to retrain workers, and find alternative employment, in order to protect the continued livelihoods of workers.  It is now generally accepted that combatting climate change is the richest source of future employment, and plans to do so need to be implemented urgently.  While air travel demand may return in several years time, jobs need to be found now. While it is a remote possibility Heathrow would build a 3rd runway many years ahead, that does not provide employment for its workers now. Alternatives need to sought for them – now.  .Tweet     Heathrow expansion decision highlights jobs paradox 16 Dec 2020   (From the PCS Union) The Supreme Court has today (16 December) ruled in favour of the Heathrow Airport Limited appeal against the previous decision that ruled the third runway illegal, which means tha


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