Heathrow expansion would be a direct assault…

Heathrow expansion would be a direct assault on this government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda
2020-12-17 17:10:00
Paul McGuinness, Chair of the No 3rd Runway Coalition, writing in the Independent, says the judgement by the Supreme Court, that the Airports NPS is legal, will have disappointed many, in particular the local communities who have now lived beneath the black cloud of uncertainty about a 3rd runway for far too long. Many aspects of the ANPS are now seriously out of date – in particular the economic benefits, claimed for the expansion. The ANPS had assumed the runway would be operating by 2028 with a buoyant, growing aviation sector. But Heathrow abandoned plans to open by 2028 and has instead said – for many months – that the runway might not be needed till 2032 or 3035. They consider construction, phased over time, might take 30 years, not the 5 originally intended, and justified it economically on that basis. The economic case needs to be re-assessed. The problem of UK targets on carbon emissions mean the runway is impossible. There is also the “levelling up” agenda, which only came into play after parliament had approved the ANPS. The CCC has just advised for its sixth carbon budget, that there should be no net expansion of airports. A Heathrow 3rd runway would mean yet more aviation activity focused on the south-east, to the detriment of the regions. That is a direct assault on the “levelling up” agenda to which the government says it is committed. The UK needs a proper aviation policy for the whole country, not the ANPS that focused only on Heathrow. .Tweet   Expansion at Heathrow would be a direct assault on this government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda A third runway at Heathrow in the economically advantaged South East will be at the expense of economic opportunity in the less prosperous regions By Paul McGuinness (Chair of the No 3rd Runway Coalition) 16.12.2020 The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a landmark ruling, which found Heathrow’s third runway to be unlawful on climate crisis grounds, will have disappointed many across London and the South East, particularly the local communities who have now lived beneath the black cloud of Heathrow expansion for far too long. History, howe


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