How you can be caught speeding by…

How you can be caught speeding by the new A63 speed cameras
2020-09-28 16:41:00
Motorists are now getting used to the new speed cameras along the A63 but how exactly do they work? Cameras have been put in place while central reservation work is carried out between the Humber Bridge and the Daltry Street flyover and also between South Cave and the M62 junction. Put in place are average speed cameras to ensure drivers follow a new 40mph speed limit brought in while work takes place to remove and replace safety barriers from the carriageway. Highways England say the cameras will remain in place until the end of the project in the spring. The work is being carried out as the safety barriers are coming to the end of their serviceable life meaning they must be replaced. New energy efficient street lights are also being installed. The vast majority of motorists are adhering to the speed limits but there are always those who think they can outfox the cameras. Can you speed up between the cameras or can you go 60mph for a while and then 20mph to even it out? How average speed cameras work SPECS cameras are the most common in use which are usually mounted on roadside gantries at regular intervals of more than 200 metres, although the latest SPECS 3 cameras need only be 75 metres apart. They closely resemble security surveillance cameras in appearance and are mounted in yellow plastic housings. Each camera records a date and time stamp. Then, using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), the computer can then work out your average speed between the cameras Average speed cameras have been installed on the A63 (Image: Katie Pugh/Hull Live) By recording photographic evidence that you were speeding and your vehicle number plate they automatically issue you a ticket if you were found over the speed limit on a camera-controlled stretch of road. If the time it took you to travel between the camera points is quicker than could be done at the speed limit, you’ll get a fine in the post. Cheating the system myths Some people wrongly think each camera records a driver’s speed as they pass each camera, before the computer works out the average speed of the car once it's passed every camera. This explains why some drivers think they can speed up between the cameras and slow down as they pass them. But doing this is likely to land you with a fine – the cameras simply record the time you pass them and the computer works out how long it has taken you to pass the distance between them. The cameras are fitted with infrared illuminators to ensure they work night and day

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