Hull bus passenger mafting as Stagecoach ‘leaves…

Hull bus passenger mafting as Stagecoach ‘leaves heating on’ in 22C heat
2019-07-18 13:26:00
A passenger has complained after Hull Stagecoach bus had its heating on despite the 22C heat. The woman, who was travelling on the number 6 service, took to Twitter to vent her anger at the bus company, asking it why the bus still had its heating on. The woman, called Nicola, tweeted saying: “Any chance you could arrange for the heating to be turned off on your Hull buses? Don’t think we need it now do you?” Stagecoach replied quickly and asked her to let them know the details so staff could check it with the engineering team. She told them it was the number 6 bus and later went on to say it was on the 7.30am from Kingswood. Stagecoach buses At this time today, the temperature was already 16C. Stagecoach replied: “Thanks for the further info, however we have various buses that will run as a number 6 throughout the day. “If you notice this in future, please let me know the fleet number at the front or the rear of the bus (at the top) or the reg number, thanks.” The woman then told them that it “shouldn’t matter” and that it “wasn’t necessary” for the heating to be on. She said: “Thanks but it shouldn’t matter what bus should it, the heating should be off, it really


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