Hull taxi drivers’ confessions: Raunchy customers, drunk…

Hull taxi drivers’ confessions: Raunchy customers, drunk requests and unbelievable antics
2019-07-20 04:00:00
We’ve all had the sudden urge to ask a taxi driver if they’ve ‘had a busy night’. It’s that automatic, autopilot phrase in the premature elements of your journey to break that awkward silence. We’ve all done it haven’t we? Whether we’re off to the shops, or darting about the city. But some of these bizarre tales from Hull taxi drivers might just make your toes curl. Apart from the standard physical and mental abuse, fare dodgers and people being unhappy with their designated ‘longer’ route home, we asked taxi drivers to tell us their tales. Nightcrawler Magnus Murray, who was working for 706 taxis at the time in April of this year, says he was shocked to see a dog running alongside his vehicle following a 3am drop off. It started off a chain of events that are very memorable for the veteran taxi driver. He said: “Sometime in April, it was around 3am and I had just completed a fare from Hedon to Greatfield in Bilton and I noticed something unusual running alongside the car. Magnus Murray “I turned my head and hit the brakes and I realised there was this massive dog at the side of me who had been running for a few streets in the torrential rain – something unusual and I stopped when I realised it was a dog. I love dogs. “I put it in my car and it was bloody sodden and obviously I realised the dog had got out at some point and escaped. “I took it home and kicked my dog out of its lovely cage and put this dog in and went back out to work with the dog so they wouldn’t fight.” WATCH: Your rights as a passenger in a taxi Video Loading Video Unavailable Click to play Tap to play However, when Mrs Murray came downstairs hours later she got a fright. Laughing, Magnus said: “She came down at 6am and asked what’s this dog doing here. She must have got quite a shock to be honest. I rang the taxi office out and told them to go through and check on Facebook sites for lost dogs.” Magnus took the terrier-type dog to the local vets where the dog was chipped and found a telephone number was dead. He thought that it might have been an old number, but an address on Catford Close led him to the owner. Magnus, who is the secretary of the Humber Taxi Association, added: “My wife was going crazy when she woke up and told me to quickly get the dog to the vets. “I went to the address. By this time it was 9.30pm on a Sunday evening and the woman stuck twos up at me through the curtains, but she was relieved when I told her that I had found her dog.” The dog had escaped after a fence in the back garden had blown down and the owner had let the dog out in the middle of the night. But the story did have a happy ending. Magnus said: “She wasn’t happy that it was going to cost her £40 for the privilege, but the vets waived the fee as an act of compassion. That’s how far taxi driver’s go – above and beyond the call of duty.” Bad Trip Magnus says a taxi driver he previously worked with ended up looking red-faced after he accidentally caught the train when it set off from Hull Paragon Station with him onboard. He had taken an elderly couple to the station from their home in Hessle when the train set off to London. The next stop was Doncaster. To make matters worse when he arrived back at the station his vehicle had been slapped with a £40 parking ticket. “He went beyond the call of duty – but got a parking ticket when he got back,” Magnus added. Ride or Die David


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