Hull Trains timetable changes in response to…

Hull Trains timetable changes in response to coronavirus
2020-03-20 11:28:00
Hull Trains has setup a revised timetable in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The new timetable was implemented from today (March 20) to ensure essential staff working in hospitals, police stations and other public services can still travel. The timetable will include two services a day running Southbound and Northbound from Monday to Friday. There will be one service a day at the weekend. Louise Cheeseman, managing director of Hull Trains, said: “Up until now the spread of COVID-19 has not impacted our timetable but now, more than ever, rail is playing a vital role in getting essential staff to hospitals, police stations and all other vital public services,” she said. “Reducing the number of journeys provides greater reliability and resilience in the network timetable and the Government’s advice to stop non-essential travel and limit social contact has also led to much fewer people using our services.