Jet Zero Council had its first meeting…

Jet Zero Council had its first meeting on 22nd July – to bring aviation emissions in line with UK 2050 net-zero target
2020-10-12 11:28:00
The Jet Zero Council held its first meeting, online, on 22nd July. Tim Johnson, Director of the Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) is the only representative on the council, representing environmental issues. Government press release on the first meeting said: “Chaired by the Transport and Business Secretaries, today’s first ever Jet Zero council meeting will discuss how to decarbonise the aviation sector while supporting its growth and strengthening the UK’s position as a world leader in the sector.”  And Grant Shapps said: “The Jet Zero Council is a huge step forward in making change – as we push forward with innovative technologies such as sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and eventually fully electric planes, we will achieve guilt-free flying and boost sustainability for years to come.” … Producers of novel fuels are excited. … They all want lots of government money.  Tim Johnson said: “It was a positive start, with an appropriate degree of ambition and urgency, a technology-neutral stance that will treat all options equally, and recognition that getting new technology and SAF into the fleet requires a regulatory framework that includes carbon pricing. That’s a good platform to work from.” .Tweet   Jet Zero Council The Jet Zero Council (JZC) is a partnership between industry and government to bring together ministers and chief executive officer-level stakeholders to drive the ambitious delivery of new technologies and innovative ways to cut aviation emissions. The JZC will focus on developing UK capabilities to deliver net zero-emission commercial flight by: developing and industrialising zero-emission aviation and aerospace technologies establishing UK production facilities for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and commercialising the industry by driving down production costs developing a coordinated approach to the policy and regulatory framework needed to deliver net zero aviation by 2050 The objectives of the JZC are to: provide ministerial and senior industry leadership on efforts to deliver UK capabilities for net zero aviation identify and optimise the


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