Letter in Maidenhead Advertiser: Heathrow leaders are…

Letter in Maidenhead Advertiser: Heathrow leaders are pursuing a dead horse
2021-01-01 11:54:00
In a letter, published in the Maidenhead Advertiser, a local resident explains the actual effect of the Supreme Court Judgement in December.  The Court ruled that the Airports NPS was legal. But rather than this being a dreadful result for those opposed to a 3rd Heathrow runway, or badly affected by the airport’s noise, it is in fact quite a positive result. The judgement does NOT give the runway permission to go ahead. There is ever more awareness of the need for urgent action on climate change, including by the aviation industry. The government also needs to do more on “levelling up” the country, avoiding putting ever more investment and infrastructure into the south-east. Heathrow expansion would not help with that, and would require constraints on regional airports, or even the closure of some.  The Court also confirmed that any Heathrow planning application (a Development Consent Order, DCO) would need to meet current policies, on issues such as carbon emissions. Financially Heathrow has serious problems with building a 3rd runway.  It has worked over recent years to provide immense dividends to its shareholders – about £4 billion over 8 years. Future air travel demand is uncertain, especially demand for business travel. It should use the post-Covid period to “build back better” and scrap expansion plans. .Tweet   Heathrow leaders are pursuing a dead horse Paul Groves’ letter was published in the Maidenhead Advertiser on 23rd December 2020. Thank you for your article regarding last week’s Supreme Court ruling that the previous Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling’s decision to recommend a Heathrow third runway was not unlawful. To those very reasonably opposed to a third runway this might seem a disastrous result, however it will likely in the long-term be very positive. There are various compelling reasons why Heathrow should not proceed with its expansion plans, which bring another 50 per cent or an additional 700 flights per day over Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough and surrounding areas. The Supreme Court ruling has spotlit these issues with many recent media articles. Included are the ever-increasing calls and need for action on climate change, with our council and others declaring for Net Zero by 2050, the Government’s new plan just two weeks ago in the build up to its hosting of the COP26 UN Climate Change conference in November 2021 which has set a target for a 68 per cent reduction in CO2 by 2030, and its own ‘levelling-up’ promise and agenda for Midland and Northern regions. The Government’s own Climate Change Committee (CC


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