M4 | Wiltshire | Westbound | Collision…

M4 | Wiltshire | Westbound | Collision | Long Delays
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There are currently delays of well over an hour on the M4 westbound in Wiltshire due to a collision involving 1 car between J16 (near Swindon) and J17 (near Chippenham). 1 lane (of 3) is closed in both directions. 

The car has collided into the central reservation and come to rest on it, causing significant damage and resulting in it partially protruding into the opposite carriageway. Recovery and repair works are ongoing at scene.
Please allow plenty of extra time for your journey if you’re travelling in the area this afternoon, and consider alternative routes if at all possible.
Further incident information is available from Highways England by visiting our www.trafficengland.com website and travel apps, or via our @HighwaysEAST regional twitter feed. For urgent real time assistance, our 24/7 contact centre team is able to provide up to the minute information on 0300 123 5000.

Last updated on: 31/10/2019 14:47

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