Man ‘mortified at being fined for parking…

Man ‘mortified at being fined for parking on the wrong day’ in Hull
2019-08-06 04:00:00
A Hull man says he is “mortified” after being slapped with a parking fine after using what he says is a faulty machine. John Perrott, 41, from west Hull, had parked his car at the Royal Station Hotel car park on July 17 from 9.05am until 12.40pm the same day while he took a short exam. Mr Perrott said he paid £5.50 for a full day’s ticket so was surprised when a letter arrived through his door from the company Smart Parking Ltd saying he had been fined £60. He now says the machine has him down for arriving at the car park at 9.09am on Thursday, July 18, but says the ticket was issued at the same time on Wednesday, July 17. He said: “The machine had the wrong date on it so obviously my ticket wouldn’t be valid for that date because I parked there and got one for the 17th July. The tickets says the 18th July at the top and then says it was issued on the 17th July. The parking ticket “I hadn’t thrown my ticket away because it had fallen to the other side of the dashboard luckily. “I was just about to clean my car out and throw the ticket away when the post arrived and I opened it, saw the fine and thought, ‘It’s a good job I didn’t throw that away’. “It says I have paid for the parking ticket on the 18th when I haven’t because it then says at the bottom the same ticket has been issued for the day before. The time on the machine is right but the date is wrong.” Find the latest traffic updates in your area Mr Perrott says he was mor


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