Middle Eastern super cars are parking illegally…

Middle Eastern super cars are parking illegally in Hull city centre
2020-03-09 05:00:00
Super cars owned by millionaires “from the Middle East” are parking illegally in Hull city centre. Photos sent to Hull Live by a frustrated taxpayer show pricey motors – a Porsche, a Range Rover and a Mercedes – parked in disabled spaces and without permits. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, works in the city centre and has grown frustrated by regularly finding the cars parked in Market Place behind Hull Minster. He said: “I get to work quite early and when get in I’ve noticed these cars with foreign number plates parked nearly everyday in the two disabled bays opposite the Minister. “I’ve chatted with the parking wardens and they say that they give them tickets but they don’t have to pay them because when you import a car in the country you have an amount of time to register it with the DVLA. “But if you don’t register it then how can it be enforced? A Mercedes with a Qatari plate parked in a disabled bay “Most of the time they are getting a ticket from the parking wardens. “They are doing their job, they even stick it in the right place, because they’re all right hand drive cars, and they stick it in their eyeline so they can’t miss it. “It’s just unfair really isn’t it? We have people who work here who have to pay to park in the multi-storey. I just think it’s wrong and they should be named and shamed in my opinion.” The problem started a couple of months ago after new accommodation was opened in the street. Since then, the man claims a grey BMW, a red Porsche, a silver Mercedes and a Range Rover can often be found parked illegally on the street. On one occasion he even tried to approach the driver. He said: “One day, one of the cars pulled up parked in a disabled bay and there was about five people in the car, all young men. “They threw some Red Bull cans out the car so I went across and said you can’t do that. But they just pulled out did a u-turn and went the wrong way down a one way street. The problem started after the cars started ap