Norwegian is ending its low-cost long-haul flights,…

Norwegian is ending its low-cost long-haul flights, to focus on European routes only
2021-01-14 18:47:00
Norwegian Air says it is ending its long-haul operation, and end its plans for low-cost long distance flying. It had to ground most of its fleet throughout 2020 – its long-haul Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets have not been used since March.  Even before Covid, it long-haul flights (to the US, Argentina and Brazil) at stupidly low prices were not making money, and Norwegian had financial troubles.  In 2013, after 20 years as a standard short-haul carrier, it had its first  budget transatlantic flights – firstly from Oslo, and in 2014 from Gatwick. One-way economy fares between the UK and US cost from just £125. For that price there was no free check-in baggage, or food or drink.  The first flight between Gatwick and Seattle cost £150. Gatwick was its long-haul base in the UK. In 2019, it flew more passengers between the US and UK than any other airline, to 12 US destinations. Margins were very tight, and the airline had rising debt in 2019. By April 2020, 80% of its staff were on furlough. So there will be no long-haul flights by Norwegian at Gatwick, but their flights to European destinations will continue. .Tweet The rise and fall of Norwegian Air, leader of the low-cost transatlantic revolution The pandemic, perhaps, isn’t entirely to blame. So where did it all go wrong? By Hazel Plush, SENIOR CONTENT EDITOR (The Telegraph)  14 January 2021 Norwegian Air has announced the end of its long-haul operation, a move which will axe around 1,100 jobs in the UK alone – and bring an end to one of commercial aviation’s most ambitious grand-plans. Like all airlines, the Oslo-based carrier has been hit hard by the pandemic, forced to ground most of its fleet throughout 2020 – its long-haul Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets entirely unused since March. Now, it seems, the writing on the wall can be ignored no longer. “Future demand remains highly uncertain,” reads a statement from the airline. “Under these circumstances, a long-haul operation is not viable for Norwegian and these operations will not continue.” Customers with affected bookings will be contacted directly, and refunded. It has done well, perhaps, to make it this far. Even pre-pandemic, the airline’s long-haul offering was suffering financial turbulence – despite it seemingly flying high. But this ruinous 12 months has unravelled even the most robust business models; and low-cost carriers have borne the brunt. Before C


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