Paralysed woman, 85, ‘let down’ and ‘insulted’…

Paralysed woman, 85, ‘let down’ and ‘insulted’ by Hull bus company
2019-10-22 11:18:00
We will use your email address only for the purpose of sending you newsletters. Please see ourPrivacy Noticefor details of your data protection rightsCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA caring son feels his mum has been “let down” by a Hull bus company after she was unable to board due to prams blocking the aisle. David Lee, 51, complained to East Yorkshire after he was stopped from taking his wheelchair-bound mum Margaret, 85, on board one of their buses because the bus was overcrowded. Mr Lee, of Cam Grove, claims he tried to get on the number 56 bus from Longhill but couldn’t because the bus driver would not ask three young people with prams blocking the wheelchair access area to move. This frustration has been an ongoing issue for Mr Lee and he sent a letter of complaint to the bus company about his experience. However, he now feels they have “insulted his intelligence” after receiving their response. Margaret Lee, 85, was left paralysed on her left side after suffering a stroke earlier this year (Image: Katie Pugh) He said: “They sent me a letter on Friday and what they have actually done is investigated the number 57 bus not the 56 which the driver would not let me on. “The bus company is totally in the wrong and calling me a liar. I am not a liar and I stand by my story because it has happened lots of times. “They have insulted my intelligence by saying it was another bus.” East Yorkshire, the bus company who run the service, responded to Mr Lee’s complaint saying they had investigated CCTV footage on the number 57 bus, which Mr Lee says is the bus he was able to board after he tried to get on the number 56. In a letter from the company’s customer service manager it reads: “Having considered the images and driver’s report we feel that he acted correctly as he did ask the prams to be folded and as there was no other place on the bus to which a non-wheelchair user could move without their being concern over safety. David says that there are “ongoing issues” with getting his mum onto buses (Image: Katie Pugh) “Furthermore it would not have been appropriate to apply any added pressure beyond repeating the request. “Therefore on this occasion we are unable to take your complaint any further however I would like to assure you of our attention to making our services accessible for all our customers.” poll loading Do you think wheelchairs should have priority over prams on buses? 1000 VOTES SO FAR With their latest response, Mr Lee says he now feels “let down” by the company. He said: “It made me feel annoyed. That bus driver was in a hurry and he didn’t want to do anything about it. “If I have to try and avoid that bus company I probably will. I am put off knowing that if I do catch one of those buses all I can do now is look at them as disgusting. David is determined to prevent his mum from becoming housebound (Image: Katie Pugh) “They have let me down. They have let my mum down. “You tell them what the problem is and in the end you get let down so you think why complain directly because you are going to get brushed aside. “I don’t want to take it up with them anymore. I don’t want to lose my rag. I have


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