Parking chaos as pumpkin pickers ‘clog’ quiet…

Parking chaos as pumpkin pickers ‘clog’ quiet residential estate
2020-10-17 14:05:00
Pumpkin pickers out for an autumn day out near Hull have caused parking chaos in a nearby residential estate. Hedon residents have reported dozens of cars double parked across their estate near the Sandybottom pumpkin farm as visitors looking for parking spaces spill out on to nearby roads. The police have also had to warn the pickers not to park along Thorn Road, which has a national speed limit. One resident living in the Cromwell Road estate, who did not want to be named, said there were cars parked all the way around his road. “There's constant road blocks, the parked cars have made it a single lane now,” he said. “People are trying to get on or off their driveways and they can't, there's such small gaps between them. “They're parking outside houses, really tight up to people's driveways. There's two cars outside my house, tight to the driveway, two cars outside the house next door to me, they're outside the old people's bungalows too. “And it spans all the way round, people are weaving in and out, mounting kerbs just to let cars go by.” The man said drivers were 'weaving in and out' to get around each other He said the problems had been caused by insufficient parking facilities at the farm, with visitors overflowing into the nearby streets. “I know they're technically allowed to park there and I think the pumpkin farm is a cracking idea, but the logistics haven't been thought through,” the man added. “And now it's affecting

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