Sainsbury’s wagons shaking houses at 5.30am and…

Sainsbury’s wagons shaking houses at 5.30am and ‘destroying mental health’
2020-01-11 05:00:00
We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see ourPrivacy Noticefor details of your data protection rightsInvalid EmailResidents in a west Hull street say HGVs delivering to Sainsbury’s in the early hours of the morning are destroying their mental health. Joseph Grainger, 59, Rich Jacobs, 58 and Paul Ollett, 59, who live in Bethune Avenue, are woken every day by the vehicles dropping off at the shop down the road. All three live just yards from the tenfoot into which lorries routinely reverse before unloading goods into the store, located on Boothferry Estate. Paul has lived on the street for 16 years and said the problem is so bad his house shakes from the disturbance – aggravating damage to the property’s structure. He said: “It makes the house shake, I’m not saying they’ve caused the subsidence but they’re definitely not helping it. You hear rubble falling down inside of the walls when you get a vibration. Paul said the disturbances have destroyed his mental health “It’s destroyed my mental health – it’s just shot. “We’re woken up anytime from 3am onwards and it’s not just once. One comes and then another and then another. “You have a two hour slot when vehicles are just coming and going so you can’t just nod off back to sleep because even you did there would be another in a few minutes.” All three men have mental health issues and said their accommodation is restricted to people over the age of 45 to minimise noise. But they think the disturbances caused by the HGVs render precautions meaningless. Rich, who is an army veteran and diagnosed schizophrenic, said: “I don’t think they (Sainsbury’s) think about us. I think to them it’s just like an industrial estate. The structural damage on Paul’s property  “I have to take sleeping tablets because of it. I have mental health problems, they’ve diagnosed me with schizophrenia and it’s affecting it. “The parking and the reversing and the beep beep beep, you can hear it every morning and it wakes you up. “And you just get up because you know it’s going to carry on. “I guarantee that if I went to one of the lorry driver’s houses and started to blow my horn at five in the morning they would get p***ed off.” The problem has become so bad that Joseph lies awake waiting for the noise. He said: “I’m waking up and waiting for it to arrive. With me not being in good health it is affecting that. Paul Ollett and Joseph Grainger want Sainsbury’s to rearrange the delivery times “I have mental health problems and heart problems and we’ve seen no courtesy towards us or anything. It’s like they can do what they want wi


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