Tax-free sales by airports, ports etc for…

Tax-free sales by airports, ports etc for overseas visitors to end by 1st Jan 2021, with lower duty-free import allowances
2020-09-15 15:56:00
The UK government is set to end tax-free sales at airports, ports and Eurostar stations from 1 January 2021. As the Brexit transition period comes to an end, the UK government cited “concerns over how the benefit is passed on to passengers and in some instances, the relief is not consistent with international tax principles.” The VAT retail export scheme, which currently enables EU visitors to claim refunds on goods purchased in the UK, will also be withdrawn from the same date. The airports are unhappy about this, as it will cut their income, and some jobs would be lost.  The Treasury said: “Overseas visitors  – including in the EU – will still be able to buy items VAT-free in store and have them sent direct to their overseas addresses, while the costly system of claiming VAT refunds on items they take home in their luggage will be ended.” It described the scheme as “a costly relief, which does not benefit the whole of Britain equally”, adding that the current use is mostly centred in London. Visitors arriving from EU and non-EU countries will be allowed 42 litres of beer, 18 litres of still wine and 9 litres of sparkling wine duty free from 1.1.2021 (much lower than currently). .Tweet     TAX-FREE AIRPORT SALES TO END IN JANUARY 2021 The Airport Operators Association said the move ‘needlessly harms an industry in peril’ By Joanna Whitehead   @MsWhitehead100The Independent 14.9.2020 The UK government is set to end tax-free sales at airports, ports and Eurostar stations from 1 January 2021, in what has been described as a fresh “hammer blow” to the ailing aviation industry. From next y


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