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Terrifying moment ‘idiotic’ driver completely loses control…

Terrifying moment ‘idiotic’ driver completely loses control overtaking on blind bend
2019-05-15 12:37:00
This footage shows the shocking moment a driver loses control of their vehicle and almost hits a van. The driver overtakes the car with a dashcam as other oncoming vehicles approach in the distance. The driver then appears to lose control of the vehicle by veering onto the grass verge, before swaying onto the wrong side of the road and almost hitting a van forcing the van driver to a halt. The video, shown above, was posted onto the Driving in Hull: Improving Our Standards Together Facebook page. Dean, the man behind the Facebook page, posted the video. He quoted what the member had said when they sent the clip in. Watch the clip above and leave your comments about it below.  “We witnessed a dangerous overtake on the way back from Flamborough this evening,” they said. “The woman thought it was clever to overtake at a blind bend nearly hitting oncoming cars and a van! “Definitely recommend dashcams. People need to calm down when driving. Is it worth risking your life to do dangerous manoeuvres like that?” The clip has been shared on Facebook (Image: Driving in Hull: Improving our standards together) Dean then shared his own thoughts in the comments. “Idiot of the highest ranking,” he said. “These people have something seriousl


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