Trainee air-traffic controllers told by NATS their…

Trainee air-traffic controllers told by NATS their training course is over and they have lost their jobs
2020-09-17 10:50:00
Some trainee air-traffic controllers with only weeks before graduation have been told their training course is over and they will not get jobs. NATS, the UK air-traffic control provider, is the latest aviation employer to cut jobs.  The trade union for controllers’, Prospect, said the move was “a disastrously short-sighted and cruel decision”. Now there is little air traffic due to the pandemic, with about 11-12% as many air passengers in July 2020 as there were in July 2019. NATS said the trainees would be able to re-start training when air traffic increases, to 2019 levels, though many in the sector say this may not be for perhaps 3 years. A spokesperson for NATS said: “We currently have 275 trainees who have passed through the college and are waiting to re-start their on-the-job training at units across the country once traffic increases. … we have [decided]  to pause training at our college, which means the 122 trainees have until the end of September to decide if they prefer to leave or wait to see if any redeployment opportunities emerge over the course of October.” As air traffic control becomes more automated, there may be fewer controllers needed in future. .Tweet   AIR-TRAFFIC CONTROL TRAINEES TOLD: COURSE OVER, JOB ENDED ‘All that work, pain of being away for six months from family and it’s back to square one,’ wrote one student controller By Simon Calder   Travel Correspondent   (The Independent) @SimonCalder 15.9.2020 Trainee air-traffic co


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