Keeping ahead of coronavirus (Covid-19)

This rapidly evolving coronavirus (Covid-19) has imposed an unsettling situation upon our community and its businesses. While we are maintaining to operate a “business as usual” approach, we have made a number of changes to help protect both you as customers and us as drivers during these difficult times.


All of our vehicles are sanitised on a regular basis. Drivers that show any symptoms associated with Covid-19 are required to stay at home. All our drivers have received both covid-19 vaccinations and boosters.

We can also offer delivery services for local businesses to help get essential items to local customers as well as across the UK.
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Showing symptoms                                                               
If you are showing any symptoms of covid-19 please visit the NHS website for the latest advice:

Face coverings
For the latest up to date information on the UK governments guidelines regarding face mask’s whilst travelling. Please visit:

Social Distancing
To maximise social distancing, passengers are asked to sit in the rear of the vehicle, preferably on the left side if they are travelling alone. It is advised to have open windows where possible, to give ventilation throughout the enclosed environment.

The UK Government have stated that members of the public pay for their bookings through cashless options. It is important to note we still accept cash. We do also have various options of paying cashless e.g. by Debit / Credit Card & BACS (Bank Transfers) when booking.

Your belongings
When travelling with us please remove all of your belongings and waste at the end of your journey, this will help to protect the driver and the next customer. Thank you.

UPDATED 04/01/2022

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